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Product Creation and My Misplaced Optimism

Product Creation and My Misplaced Optimism

by Scottie
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This is it… the beginning of a new chapter. I’ve started down the road of product creation.

Woo hoo for me!

I’m like every new kid at Christmas, the possibilities that stretch before me, the excitement, the anticipation.

This is it, the start of a grand adventure, heading off into unknown waters, and slaying every obstacle and challenge with downward sweep of my mighty creating abilities. Left and right, left and right…swish and slash!

Product Creation makes you feel just like Bob the Builder

I’ve finally made a start on creating my first info product for 2013. In fact it’s the first ever product I’ve created entirely myself.

I’m feeling pretty empowered right now.

I had an initial idea I started working on and within two days of planning realized it was going to be more than just a plain old ebook.

There were going to be videos, case studies, the works.

Another point I had to consider was my lack of knowledge on the subject.

I was going to need to do some serious research to make this a professional product. It’s a good thing I’m a quick study.

But still… oops.

Now some people will say “just grab some private label rights material, slap your name on it, maybe a quick tidy and tweak and away you go”.

It just ain’t my style.

So for now that initial project is on the backburner, I haven’t forgotten about it,

it’s more of a long term project.

When I do put it out I want it to be something I’m proud to put my name next to.

This isn’t perfectionism talking, I’m just aware of trying to add extra value to all the content out there, not just move the pile about.

All was not lost however…

While going through this process I chanced upon another problem, one that I could help people with.

So this time I went looking for more information.

A good place is of course the plr sites, a couple of my favs are and resell rights weekly.

There is some pure gold in these sites.

Unfortunately for what I was looking for there wasn’t a ton of information freely available.

Hmm, something to think about.

Is it because no one is interested, or has it not been utilised to it’s full potential?

What I do know is that bringing it all together in one place will be beneficial for a number of people. And that’s the whole point, if it’s not actually helping to solve a problem aren’t we just wasting our time?

So I started work on this new tangent, assimilating all my knowledge on the subject, added in a dash of research and began creating an ebook. Some people prefer to begin with creating a video or audio and have it transcribed into their ebook, since I do copywriting, my preference is to do the ebook first and use that for my script for any audio or video.

There is no right or wrong way to do this process, it simply boils down to whatever works for you.

I have looked at other ebooks on the subject, since they are resell rights or master resell rights I use them only to get a concept of how I want my ebook to take shape, this helps to develop my table of contents, or what content I will be adding in.

Another little trick I like to use is to jump over to and do a search for books on my topic, then I spend some time going through the table of contents of the various books to find similar topics to cover within the ebook itself. That will give me a broad outline to which I can add my value or my own touch.

As I progress with my first endeavour I will keep you up dated with how it is progressing and thesteps I’ve taken, plus what has held me up along the way (for surely something will 🙂 )

As always, please leave your comments below if you found this helpful or there is something more you would like to learn on the subject.

For now…

Stay curious.






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