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Mobile Marketing – Your Audience Has Left The Building

Mobile Marketing – Your Audience Has Left The Building

by Scottie
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Here are 5 Top Tips for Mobile Marketing…

These will ensure you get to go home with your audience, and your that mobile marketing efforts will reap the rewards you desire.

1) Engage

From the outset your experience needs to be compelling, screens are smaller, attention spans shorter and most people are on the go.  Skip the long-winded hype and the tired redundant content.

Allow your pages to interactive with just a swipe or click, a single gesture based response will increase user engagement.

SMS provides an immediate and higher response rate, usually within the hour. Open rates are around 90-98%. Who doesn’t want some of that?

Your mobile user will generally be on your page for a specified reason. They are looking for a specific something rather than just browsing. Make your call to action simple such as “call us now” or “reply to this SMS”

And including an SMS shortcode within your campaigns can increase response rates by over 10%.

2) Target

The web has mobilized.

The days of spam marketing are coming to an end. Targeted, location based SMS and mobile marketing is the way forward. You need to know your market and your avatar.

You want to speak directly to the reason your user has come to you in the first place. Once you have their intent you can more finely target their experience which will increase the chance of engaging and converting them.

It all comes back to test, test, test (some things NEVER change).

Try giving users 2 or 3 options on the landing page and let them tell you want they want. Them just give it to them.

3) Customise

Unfortunately mobile marketing does not come with a one-size-fits-all approach. Things like flash video simply will not work in your mobile marketing. You need to consider different operating systems and platform, from smartphones to tablets to SMS only handsets.

Ensure that your campaign is optimized to work on the myriad of different systems and platforms available, you want everthing to work flawlessly and consistently.

Consider aligning yourself with rich content providers who will mobile compatible versions of your campaigns for you.

4) Keep It Simple

A fairly obvious statement for sure. Your content should be clear and concise without frivolous fluff.

Try to keep your message and the accompanying imagery short, sweet and to the point.

Make your object of intent obvious for the user. This is no time to be coy.

5) Build trust

Vital for any marketer looking for a long term business model.

You need to identify who you are and what your brand is.

Respond quickly. For shortcode response ensure you have an autoresponder follow up set in place and that it foloows up within a day or two.

Use a clear opt-in process. Make your user aware that you intend to send marketing messages and send an SMS to ask them to opt-in. Ensure you provide an opt-out, even include a STOP shortcode in SMS.

Show them you are grateful, reward them. Personalise this for your user with a voucher they can redeem rather than a general discount.


All in all, the most important thing to consider is getting started today with mobile marketing if you haven’t already.

Start small with one or two of your most mobile ready campigns. The web has gone mobile so any delay will have an impact on youur positive branding, conversion and ultimately your revenue.

If you want more information or just want to keep abreast of what is happening with mobile marketing, click here to sign up.

Stay curious 



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