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Link Building – build your bridge and get over it

Link Building – build your bridge and get over it

by Scottie
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I can remember a time when someone mentioned link building to me I thought they were discussing the latest game to hit the Commodore 64.

Oh my how times have changed!

It could just be that the interests of my friends and I have changed from what they were to something rather more “now”. A little more hip, a little less rock ‘n’ roll a little more street. you get the picture.

Actually I heard recently that Grunge is old school?! When did that happen? Oh man, I miss my walkman (sigh!).

Anyway getting back on track, I wanted to share with you, inform and titillate you about the most serious of subjects in the online world.

Link Building.

This is something that I thought I was starting to get my head around, having done most of my meager learning on the job so to speak.

You know the drill for link building; anchor text, article submission, Web 2.0 posting, forum stalking, blog commenting… yadda, yadda, buy a link wheel (!).

Then I realised that people, more specifically SEO COMPANIES, make a living. A living. Out of helping people to build backlink strategies for their sites. So being the curious soul that I am, I delved a little deeper.

What I realised fairly quickly is that there is a whole other world that can be explored for link building.

I got a little frightened to be honest when I thought about my paltry effort at building back links and getting the world to take notice of my site.  There are so many strategies to apply for link building depending on the type of website you operate. In fact if you go Here there is a list of 193 different ways to build links to your site. 193.

So not one to be deterred in the face of overwhelming odds, I proceeded to enagae in some more detective work.

And quite frankly I’m pleased I did.

It would have been oh so easy to get carried away with the drama of the moment, the unsurmountable odds, the boot heel of adversity grinding down my morale.

Instead I noticed a silver lining, a common thread running through the sites when I was researching.

If and when you want to build links, don’t build them for the sake of building links.

You get me?

What I mean is don’t go looking for 50 websites that have high page rank 6 or more. Nooo, go looking for 50 quality sites that are related to what your site is about. Did you get that word – related.

2012 it seems to me, will be best remembered as the year of relationship building. Not that you should go and build up relationships just for link building purposes. You can see what would happen “Hi I’d like to get to know you better, you seem pretty cool, oh by the way can you link to my site, thanks”.

That would go down about as well a warm beer and a blow job from your grandma. 

There seems to be a theme that runs through most of what we do online to get found and attract people to our websites:

  • Provide Quality Content

  • Give Your Visitors Value

  • Build Relationships With Your Audience and Others in Your Market

  • Cheat on them All with Web 2.0 sites (Engage Your Marketplace)

  • Rinse and Repeat

English: A tag cloud (a typical Web 2.0 phenom...

So in light of a little more than lazy research, things are not so bad for the average joe trying to make their way in the online world.

At least for now.

And yes you still have to work at it. If it were easy the 93% (or is it 97%) that fail miserably would still be here making us all miserable.

Stay Curious.



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  • December 19, 2012

    Hey Scott,

    193 link building strategies!! Not really different strategies, more places to get links. I’m sure we could add hundreds more if we sat down and though about it.
    But you’re right, we shouldn’t be building links for the sake of link building, we should be building links that are going to attract traffic, these links will help our rankings more and bring in natural traffic as well.
    So, go where your market is, engage, and add your link.
    Its all very simple, really.

    • Scottie
      December 19, 2012

      Hi Roger,

      Agreed, engagement with your audience is really the fundamental of marketing.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  • December 19, 2012

    Hey Scott, Awesome post, as usual my friend! I really like your style of writing.
    You really tell it like it is. Your readers will appreciate that.
    Link Building is a topic that mystifies many, as to how to do it properly, of if it even works at all.
    Thanks for the enlightening post!
    BTW, I miss my walkman also.
    Man, we’re showing our ages. Take care!

    • Scottie
      December 19, 2012

      I’m afraid we are mate 🙂 Thanks!