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Can You Make Money Blogging? I’m about to find out…

Can You Make Money Blogging? I’m about to find out…

by Scottie
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   Get serious about your business and make money bloggingIt’s time to take my blogging seriously.

What I’d love to do is just make money blogging.

And yes I admire John Chow for what he has achieved with effort and patience.

So in order for me to do that I’ve decided it’s time to give this blog some direction. And treat my blogging like a business.

Valuable quality content is still the name of the game, from me to you.

That is after all why Cash Architect exists. I’m merely going to start focusing and directing that content a little more.

There’s nothing new in a statment like that really. In business and especiially in internet marketing things are always in constant flux. I actually like that constant dynamic shift. It keeps things interesting.

I was reading a couple of different blogs this morning. One was Sonia Simone over at copyblogger, she was commneting on how to move reinvent oneself from Copywriter to Authoritative Content Producer.
I must admit I can see that title over my office door. Imagine breaking the ice with that at a party…

Yeah baby! Grrrr.

What is behind this shift is that almost everything involving internet marketing is coming back to high quality content. Again, there’s nothing new here really. If you can’t provide quality content that adds value, try collaborating instead.

I also happen to be of the opinion that there are more than enough people blogging about general internet marketing. Most do a better job of it than me.
So in the spirit of moving my business forward, there will be more focus on what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.

Here’s a quick run down on what I’ve got so far.

Make money blogging

I’m going to work on developing my blog so that it starts to help fund my business. After all my time is valuable and worth something. At least to me. I said my aim was to make money blogging.

My aim is to put in a solid structure around what I do, I’ll most likely start by upping my blogging to daily and see how I go from there. With a bit of luck (and plenty of perseverance) it’ll be sustainable.

Product Creation

This year I’ve also started on producing my own content. I’ll be posting about how that is going shortly.
Product creation is a good way to make some money, or so the brochure says.
Me, I just like to be able to say I created it, it’s got value for you.

Micro Niche Websites

I’m also exploring other niches, see what else is around and keep some variety in my diet. Once I’ve got a handle on it, or maybe even as I get a handle, I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on.
I’m no Pat Flynn, but it should be fun and will also create another source of income as well.

That’s the thing with this gig, you can earn as you learn.

Video Blogging

Lastly, I’m coming around to the idea, slowly I might add, of doing some video blogging.
Heaven forbid!

With a face for radio I’m not sure how this is going to pan out, but it might be an interesting exercise if nothing else. Maybe I’ll call it “Cringe Factor”.

But there is definitely a move towards doing video, so when in Rome…

Mind you, after one or two attempts you lot might be calling for my head, so we’ll see…

So the stage is set, it’s time to make some things happen. Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re up to this year as well.

It’s always fun to engage with other like-minded souls.

Stay curious,



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  • January 10, 2013

    Hi, I love your approach to this blog. I will place it on my “blogs I Like” section

    • Scottie
      January 10, 2013

      Hey thanks Louise, i’m pleased you like it 🙂

  • January 10, 2013

    There is a blog I forgot what its called that gives an extensive list on the most successful blog on the internet at the moment and can be found on think you have to sign up to his 7 day e-course but really good info there.

    want my blog to be like his, he is on 3rd page for the “how to make money online” search term which is really good

    • Scottie
      January 10, 2013

      Ageed that is not bad at all. Thanks for the info I’ll check it out.