Keywords Research Tool – The Chef’s Knife of Internet Marketing

Keyword research tools are the chef's knives for niche marketers

Hot on the heels of picking a domain comes the all important job of keyword research.


Job probably isn’t the most accurate term to use. That implies an exchange of money for your time with a productive output. Doing keyword research most certainly does NOT come under that description (caveat: unless you are being paid to do the research for someone else). What it does involve is a lot of research, which may help to generate an income down the road but certainly not from the get-go. Ke

yword research is an investment of your time.


Nope definitely flag the romantic notions, Continue reading Keywords Research Tool – The Chef’s Knife of Internet Marketing

Finding My Niche Website Which Has Passion And Profit

Clickbank is great for niche webiste research


I discovered early on when looking for my niche website (Actually it was for an earlier trial in micro niche websites) that you need to find a niche for you that has the right mix of profitability and personal passion.
There is no golden rule to this, in fact it’s highly subjective. It simply has to work for you.


As Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income said;


Picking a Niche is Difficult




Because it’s important.


It’s right up there with choosing where to live, who to date, or what degree to get. Your actions and your entire future start the moment you make a decision – and of course, you want it be the right one.” Continue reading Finding My Niche Website Which Has Passion And Profit

Multiple Income Streams – One At A Time

Change is a coming


You may have noticed the tagline to my site has changed.


It is no longer about build your fortune and create your future.


Well, that idea hasn’t changed, but there is a reason I’ve made the shift. It’s basically because my site has been too broad in it’s scope, a general make money online website just like all of the other sites out there.


During the period when my site was down and I had a some issues during the shift to a new host, at one point I actually thought Iwas going to lose my entire site (at that stage I hadn’t backed it up! Lesson learned) and it got me to thinking… Continue reading Multiple Income Streams – One At A Time

The Importance Of A Strategic Relationship

Ensure you create strastegic alliances


Blimey! What a week.

After my big plans to step up a gear, the wheels wobbled and then fell off.                                                                                           And I want to share with you what happened and why it high lights a very valid point about doing business whether online or offline.

My blog has been down for an entire week!                                                                                                                                                     That’s like being laid up off work without any sick leave owing. Welcome to running your own business.

Continue reading The Importance Of A Strategic Relationship

Product Creation and My Misplaced Optimism


This is it… the beginning of a new chapter. I’ve started down the road of product creation.

Woo hoo for me!

I’m like every new kid at Christmas, the possibilities that stretch before me, the excitement, the anticipation.

This is it, the start of a grand adventure, heading off into unknown waters, and slaying every obstacle and challenge with downward sweep of my mighty creating abilities. Left and right, left and right…swish and slash! Continue reading Product Creation and My Misplaced Optimism

Can You Make Money Blogging? I’m about to find out…

   Get serious about your business and make money bloggingIt’s time to take my blogging seriously.

What I’d love to do is just make money blogging.

And yes I admire John Chow for what he has achieved with effort and patience.

So in order for me to do that I’ve decided it’s time to give this blog some direction. And treat my blogging like a business.

Valuable quality content is still the name of the game, from me to you.

That is after all why Cash Architect exists. I’m merely going to start focusing and directing that content a little more. Continue reading Can You Make Money Blogging? I’m about to find out…

Mobile Marketing – Your Audience Has Left The Building

Here are 5 Top Tips for Mobile Marketing…

These will ensure you get to go home with your audience, and your that mobile marketing efforts will reap the rewards you desire.

1) Engage

From the outset your experience needs to be compelling, screens are smaller, attention spans shorter and most people are on the go.  Skip the long-winded hype and the tired redundant content.

Allow your pages to interactive with just a swipe or click, a single gesture based response will increase user engagement.

SMS provides an immediate and higher response rate, usually within the hour. Open rates are around 90-98%. Who doesn’t want some of that?

Your mobile user will generally be on your page for a specified reason. They are looking for a specific something rather than just browsing. Make your call to action simple such as “call us now” or “reply to this SMS”

And including an SMS shortcode within your campaigns can increase response rates by over 10%.

2) Target

The web has mobilized.

The days of spam marketing are coming to an end. Targeted, location based SMS and mobile marketing is the way forward. You need to know your market and your avatar.

You want to speak directly to the reason your user has come to you in the first place. Once you have their intent you can more finely target their experience which will increase the chance of engaging and converting them.

It all comes back to test, test, test (some things NEVER change).

Try giving users 2 or 3 options on the landing page and let them tell you want they want. Them just give it to them.

3) Customise

Unfortunately mobile marketing does not come with a one-size-fits-all approach. Things like flash video simply will not work in your mobile marketing. You need to consider different operating systems and platform, from smartphones to tablets to SMS only handsets.

Ensure that your campaign is optimized to work on the myriad of different systems and platforms available, you want everthing to work flawlessly and consistently.

Consider aligning yourself with rich content providers who will mobile compatible versions of your campaigns for you.

4) Keep It Simple

A fairly obvious statement for sure. Your content should be clear and concise without frivolous fluff.

Try to keep your message and the accompanying imagery short, sweet and to the point.

Make your object of intent obvious for the user. This is no time to be coy.

5) Build trust

Vital for any marketer looking for a long term business model.

You need to identify who you are and what your brand is.

Respond quickly. For shortcode response ensure you have an autoresponder follow up set in place and that it foloows up within a day or two.

Use a clear opt-in process. Make your user aware that you intend to send marketing messages and send an SMS to ask them to opt-in. Ensure you provide an opt-out, even include a STOP shortcode in SMS.

Show them you are grateful, reward them. Personalise this for your user with a voucher they can redeem rather than a general discount.


All in all, the most important thing to consider is getting started today with mobile marketing if you haven’t already.

Start small with one or two of your most mobile ready campigns. The web has gone mobile so any delay will have an impact on youur positive branding, conversion and ultimately your revenue.

If you want more information or just want to keep abreast of what is happening with mobile marketing, click here to sign up.

Stay curious 



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Blogging for Riches – At Last! A Proven Way to Make Money Blogging

Just Imagine…

You had the opportunity to earn $40,000.00 every single month With ONE single blog.

Well it’s here… And it’s called BloggingWithJohnChow.

Here is a guy who has single-handedly proven that anyone can make money using just their blog.

Wanna know how he does it?

When I first heard about this product I thought “uh oh here we go…”  this’ll be another product with a bunch of videos that show me how to buy a domain, get hosting, set up my site, buy articles on fiverr, you know the ones I’m talking about. You never really learn how to make money with blogging.

Truth is the guys who write them are not actually making any money blogging themselves. Which is why they can’t show you how to make any. This is where John Chow becomes different from the crowd. He stands out.

Why? Because John Chow has quite literally made over $40,000 per month from his blog.

Not bad eh? I don’t know about you, but when I’m getting a program from someone who has been there and done that, I know I’m going to learn something. It’s the old story, if you want to be successful, learn from and follow the example of those who are successful.

John Chow is a writer, and in a break from the stock standard training programs out there Blogging With John Chow is not full of videos. He places an intro video at the start of most modules, then the course material is written. Not only that but the material presented is fresh, relevent, and comes from his own perspective and experience, with a lot of tips thrown in for good measure.

Blogging to make money is now more achievable than ever

As a blogger I went in with a bit of a closed mind about what I was actually going to learn (not my normal mindset I might add, just shows that we all have ego). Not only have I discovered knowledge and tips that I have begun implementing in my own blog, but I now know that I can realistically develop a blog that can be a source of regular income to support my family.

So what do you get for a measly $37?

Blogging with John Chow gives you modules of content that goes right from what to write about, to list building, traffic, monetizing, through to analytics (a must have for ANY successful business).

You get a 30 day step by step action day (who does that?) which is awesome for those starting out and wanting a blueprint.

There is a complete separate automation module. Too cool.

But for me the icing on the cake or the creme de la creme has to be the bonus video John includes where he breaks down how he makes over $40,000 each month.

In my opinion that alone is worth the $37

To be able to hear how he, in his own words, went about making the results he has happen is in fact priceless. Most successful internet marketers sell that sort of information for thousands of dollars, if at all.

And just when you think that is all value for money, John has included a section of done for you blogging. These are articles, graphics and images that you can use, either off the bat (although it’s not recommended) or with a little tweaking and editing for use on your own blogs, and if you can think laterally, they can be altered for similar niches.

With so much value, there really is no longer any excuse for saying you can’t make money through blogging.

So go and check it out, heck just get it like I did.

==>> Blogging With John Chow

Do it today if you’re really serious about succeeding.

Stay Curious


P.S: Take a look at the 30 day challenge. There’s no better way to encourage good habits from the very beginning than with a structured challenge. Go for it!

  • Review of John Chow's blogging course
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Audience Vs SEO – Who You Talking to Willis?

Imagine for a moment, you walk past your keyboard, tap out a few lines of something for the day.


You press enter.


Then head off to your plumbed in espresso machine for the first cappuccino of the day, smug in the knowledge that what you just sent out into the Internet is optimized for SEO, regularly picked up and syndicated, and is devoured by scores of readers eagerly awaiting every juicy morsel you deign to drop at their feet.


You call this work and you make thousands every month.


Now stop imagining because it’s never likely to happen.


Honestly, if you thought you could make a living without doing much of anything, become a politician and give up blogging.


Why is it so difficult? I hear you ask.


Well it goes a little something like this…


When you write good content, promote your posts hard enough then the links will follow, look at John Chow if you want an example.


The common thread in all internet marketing is that content is king. Give value and you will receive value. Thankfully for me this is not rocket science (I never was good at astrophysics).


If you want to do it all wrong, that is fine by me, just stuff your tiltes and content full of keywords, use those article spinner thingys and solely write content in order to get links.


The search engines will love your site (maybe), the search engine spiders will be crawling your content, you’ll get listed, how nice for you, you may even get some readers, wonderful! But guess what, that traffic won’t be coming back anytime soon. They’ll take one look and head for the hills.


Answer me this: Would you rather have 100 new visitors who will never come back or 25 repeat visitors who like the way you write, think and express yourself and are more than happy to spread your good word via social media?


It was a trick question but you get my point.


So who are you talking to?


Your audience or the search engines?


Don’t get me wrong here, this is not an SEO slagging match. SEO is an important part of creating and maintaining a blog, but it is a useful tool, not the definitve answer. Because if no-one sees your posts, you won’t get links to them.


You have to do whatever it takes to get your posts in front of your audience and the reality is those links are given out by people, not by websites. You want to engage your readers, give them value and keep them coming back to you as an authority. You will never achieve that if you don’t write for your audience and give them what they want.


Again; write good content, promote it as much as you can to your audience and the links will follow.


So make it easy for people to access and subscribe to your blog. Whether it is through RSS or email optin forms.


Try linking to other influencial blogs in your market, put their link on your site (it will create a pingback notification for them), engage in dialogue with them, network and build realtionships.


When people leave comments on your blog, reply for gods sake or email them back and thank them. Build rapport.


Submit AND ACCEPT guest posts, it’s a two way street and both are effective for networking and link building. In fact guest posting seems to be a hot topic at the moment. At the end of the day it is a tried and tested method that works.


Another great way to get your posts out there is to leverage relationships you already have, whether it’s in the same market or not. Use friends, family and offline co-workers, you just never know who they connect with.


Social networking is all about having good old conversations and engaging with people, it’s not just about likes and tweets and pins. That’s superficial stuff.


At the end of the day write quality, value driven content for your audience and do what you can to ensure it gets delivered to said audience so you can engage with them, and keep them coming back for more regularly.


Then you just might be able to make thousands every month and have a plumbed in espresso machine.




Stay Curious.


SEO or Reader? Caffine is essential to get you through the day and working on attracing either.




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Link Building – build your bridge and get over it

I can remember a time when someone mentioned link building to me I thought they were discussing the latest game to hit the Commodore 64.

Oh my how times have changed!

It could just be that the interests of my friends and I have changed from what they were to something rather more “now”. A little more hip, a little less rock ‘n’ roll a little more street. you get the picture.

Actually I heard recently that Grunge is old school?! When did that happen? Oh man, I miss my walkman (sigh!).

Anyway getting back on track, I wanted to share with you, inform and titillate you about the most serious of subjects in the online world.

Link Building.

This is something that I thought I was starting to get my head around, having done most of my meager learning on the job so to speak.

You know the drill for link building; anchor text, article submission, Web 2.0 posting, forum stalking, blog commenting… yadda, yadda, buy a link wheel (!).

Then I realised that people, more specifically SEO COMPANIES, make a living. A living. Out of helping people to build backlink strategies for their sites. So being the curious soul that I am, I delved a little deeper.

What I realised fairly quickly is that there is a whole other world that can be explored for link building.

I got a little frightened to be honest when I thought about my paltry effort at building back links and getting the world to take notice of my site.  There are so many strategies to apply for link building depending on the type of website you operate. In fact if you go Here there is a list of 193 different ways to build links to your site. 193.

So not one to be deterred in the face of overwhelming odds, I proceeded to enagae in some more detective work.

And quite frankly I’m pleased I did.

It would have been oh so easy to get carried away with the drama of the moment, the unsurmountable odds, the boot heel of adversity grinding down my morale.

Instead I noticed a silver lining, a common thread running through the sites when I was researching.

If and when you want to build links, don’t build them for the sake of building links.

You get me?

What I mean is don’t go looking for 50 websites that have high page rank 6 or more. Nooo, go looking for 50 quality sites that are related to what your site is about. Did you get that word – related.

2012 it seems to me, will be best remembered as the year of relationship building. Not that you should go and build up relationships just for link building purposes. You can see what would happen “Hi I’d like to get to know you better, you seem pretty cool, oh by the way can you link to my site, thanks”.

That would go down about as well a warm beer and a blow job from your grandma. 

There seems to be a theme that runs through most of what we do online to get found and attract people to our websites:

  • Provide Quality Content

  • Give Your Visitors Value

  • Build Relationships With Your Audience and Others in Your Market

  • Cheat on them All with Web 2.0 sites (Engage Your Marketplace)

  • Rinse and Repeat

English: A tag cloud (a typical Web 2.0 phenom...

So in light of a little more than lazy research, things are not so bad for the average joe trying to make their way in the online world.

At least for now.

And yes you still have to work at it. If it were easy the 93% (or is it 97%) that fail miserably would still be here making us all miserable.

Stay Curious.



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